Aleksandar Stiglic

Aleksandar Stiglic

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First Name * Aleksandar
Last Name * Stiglic
Username * Als
Country * United Kingdom
Nationality YU
Languages EnglishHugarianNorwegianRussianSerbian


Current Position Animator;Artist;Cinematographer;Director;Editing, Film, Video, Digital;IT / Networking / System Admin;Modeller;Programmer;Renderer;Rigger
Areas of Expertise VFX
Preferred Tools ModelingAnimationRiggingLightingSimulationCinematographyCompositingEditingTexturingCodingDesignArt DirectionBlenderCarraraDeep PaintGIMPHDR ShopIllustratorMayamental rayPhotoshopPoserRendermanArchitectural VisualisationCorelDRAWDigital FusionFilmMEL ScriptmodellingMudboxPost ProductionRenderingUnix Shell ScriptVFXVideoSFX


Availability: Freelance


- international 3D artist, worked in UK, Hong Kong, Norway, Israel, etc.
- generalist in 3D, mainly Maya, preffers TV format.
- knowledge in irix & linux shell and mel, fluent in basic, fortan, cobol, etc.
- Degree: Academy of Art, Bachelor of Art for Directing,
directed on television, theather, radio.
- made many super8 movies very early in life, made first animated commercial for TV NS as 12 year old for SPENS 81.
- started from ZX Spectrum graphics written in basic, pixel art, over to Amiga Deluxe paint and first 3D programs, to full time professional work on SGI with TDI explore v3.01.
- had many ideas for great book adaptations, but some "faster" directors done it before him, like I, robot, War of the worlds, bicentential man, matrix, and some other.

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